Terms and Conditions


Registrations are immediately binding and non-refundable. For physical events: You are responsible for your own travel and accommodation arrangements. By registering, you agree to inform yourself about the current Covid policies and regulations and adhere to them. 

There is no refund in case some part of the program is not realized (for example a teacher is not participating because of illness or cancelled flights).

Transfer your Ticket

If you have purchased a ticket but cannot attend the event, you have the option of transferring your ticket to another person. Send an email to info@hepcatclub.com with your reason for transferring and the other person's contact information. We will get back to you.

Transfer requests must be submitted via email at least 7 days before the event starts. Leader tickets may only be transferred to another leader (depending on the current ratio of registrations). A fee of 30€ is charged for a ticket transfer on discounted tickets. Freepasses are not transferable.

Event Cancellation and Changes

The event organizer reserves the right to cancel the event due to low registrations or force majeure (e.g. fire, storms and other natural disasters). In such an event, ticket holders will be refunded their ticket price. Other claims against the event organizer are not possible.

Should a teacher cancel for whatever reason, the event organizer reserves the right to find a replacement teacher.


All ticket prices are in EUR and include the 7% VAT.

Photos, Videos and Quotes

With your registration, you give the event organizer permission to take photos, videos and audio at the event and permission to use such material for event marketing.

You are welcome to take your own photos, audio and video through the event. Please feel free to share them with us and other attendees via email, Twitter or Flickr, etc.

Full length audio and video recordings of lessons, workshops or competitions are not allowed unless granted explicit permission by the event organizer.

Event Rules - General

The organizer does not take any responsibility for participants’ valuables, assets, physical injuries.

There is a risk of physical injuries during dance activities. It is the participants’ responsibility and decision to do any dance activity during the event. Do your best to be careful – for yourself and for the others as well!

Participants have to accept the decisions of the teachers and organizer during the event and especially during audition.

If a participant fails to comply with any of the aformentioned terms, the organizer is entitled to withdraw the participant’s pass and ask him/her to leave the event without refund of any fees.

Event Rules - Online Events

It is necessary to provide your full name when logging on to keep our online event a safe space. Failure to do so will mean that you will not be admitted to the live-stream. We strongly recommend that you keep your camera on during the event to benefit from teacher feedback, but this is not a requirement.

It is prohibited to share the login-data with others. Taking screenshots during or the recording of the sessions is not permitted, as is the sharing of any recap videos or materials provided by the teachers with others. This includes the upload to digital platforms and social media.

Event Rules - Physical Events

Prior to attendance, inform yourself about the current Covid policies and regulations and adhere to them while attending. 

Participants have to wear the wristband at all times. It is mandatory to show the wristband at the entry of classes and parties.

Underaged participants (<18 years) have to have a legal guardian after midnight to be allowed to stay at the event. Please give us your legal guardian's name when you check in.