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 Alyssa Glanville & Sean McKeever

When it comes to pushing the envelope of West Coast Swing, Sean McKeever and Alyssa Glanville are the couple watch. Independently, these two Champion dancers are known for their work ethic, love of movement, and joy of sharing their art. Sean has a history as a black belt in martial arts and grew up dancing through a local ballroom program called Nordquist. Ironically, that is where he met Alyssa, a charismatic athlete who also had a deep love for dance and movement. They’ve shared the floor throughout their careers and finally have joined forces as a partnership. Between the two of them, they hold several titles in Classic, Strictly Swing, and Jack and Jills. But more importantly, they are committed to continuously growing themselves as dancers and artists, and will share that passion as they teach around the world. 

Alyssa Glanville

Alyssa has been active since childhood, playing various sports and competing in horse shows. She found dance at 8 years old, starting with Lindyhop and later discovering her love for West Coast Swing. By age 15, she became a Jr. Dance Instructor and quickly made it to the All-Stars Division. She started teaching and traveling the world for West Coast Swing competitions, becoming a reputable social dancer and winning multiple titles in the Champions division.

Sean McKeever

Sean was introduced to dance in 7th grade and quickly discovered his natural talent. He joined a Junior Instructors program in high school and found a love for West Coast Swing at a convention in 2006. He joined the Jumpstart dance team and trained extensively with top dance instructors. He also started teaching weekly classes to young students and eventually became a full-time dancer, winning multiple international titles and being inducted into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame in 2018. He continues to give back to the community through mentorship and his annual dance event "Choreo Camp".

Semion Ovsiannikov & Maria Elizarova

Semion and Maria were the first Russians to ever get to US Open Classic finals in 2016, 2017, 2019. They also got the second place at The Open Classic finals in 2018.

Their partnership emphasizes technique, musicality and connection. They love the possibilities for communication and dialogue between partners during every dance, and seek to help their students discover this incredibly fun aspect of WCS. They share a philosophy that care and attention are the best things partners can give to each other during any dance.

Maria Elizarova

Maria has been dancing since 2007. In 2008 she fell in love with social partner dances. She started learning hustle/discofox and salsa. She had been dancing hustle and discofox for 4 years, working on her solo choreography as well when West Coast Swing came in to her dancing life. After that she couldn’t stop dancing WCS. She enjoys the versatility of the dance, bringing new emotions, options for musicality and styling to every dance.

Semion Ovsiannikov

Semion has been dancing ever since he was eight. He started with ballroom dancing first, then got into social dancing, and finally into West Coast Swing. He is known for his musicality and great connection with his partners.